RYO Cigarette Machines & Accessories

Manual and Electric Cigarette Machines

Cigarette Machines and RYO Filter Cigarette Tubes

We sell cigarette machines of all kinds, from the simplest manually operated to units to the leading electric powered injectors, priced from $7.95 to $499.00 - something for everyone's budget, including top of the line all steel machines. We are always happy to demonstrate the machines and help you get up to speed. We repair and service all machines and carry a large stock of parts.

  • Top Hand Injector
  • Gambler Red Cigarette Machine
  • Top-O-Matic
  • Mikromatic
  • T-2
  • Power Injector
  • Powermatic II
  • Fresh Choice

Accessories, Supplies and Gadgets

Roll Your Own cigarette supplies and accessories

We carry a full line of cigarette cases for King Size and 100s. We have water pillows and carton-sized tupperware to keep your cigarettes as fresh and the day you rolled them. In additon to filter cigarette tubes, we have a full line of "old fashioned" rolling papers at the best prices in town. We carry many fine pipe tobaccos, and pipe cleaners, pipe screens, and tobacco pouches. We have Zippo lighters, lighter fluid and flints, and fuel to refill your butane lighters. We also stock cigar cutters, smokless ashtrays, Tar Bars, and other accessories.

Roll Your Own cigarette supplies and accessories

We are set up and ready to roll!

RYO Cigarettes Made Fast and Easy

We demonstrate and train on all of the machines we sell. We carry all the top of the line cigarette machines, ranging from low cost plastic models and durable all metal machines, and super fast and convenient electric machines. We have tested and evaluated all the cigarette machines we sell, to assure that any machine you choose here will work for you. We service most machines on-site, and maintain a large stock of parts to get you back to making cigarettes ASAP.